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Why TiVo Still has Legs

Tweet Several months ago I built a brand new computer from scratch and decided to go with the ATI Radeon 8500 All-in-Wonder AGP graphics card, a nice product that includes a TiVo-like PVR for TV capture. In addition to the TV capture capabilities, the card also supports media encoding for burning DVDs and has a […]

Is Chairman Powell on to Something?

TweetNow that some of the furor over the recent FCC decision to relax media broadcast rules has subsided, I think that there are something interesting comments and opinions underlying the FCC’s decision. While I am no policy expert, I do think that this is a really interesting development worthy of some commentary. Tweet

Palmspring – The end of the “gee-whiz” era of handheld computing?

Tweet I have been chomping at the bit to write something on the impending Palm/Handspring union but have been busy with other matters for the past two weeks. For those of you who haven’t heard, Palm is going to acquire Handspring for about $169 million in a transaction expected to close later this year. Palm’s […]

Is Personal Finance Software all Tapped Out?

TweetI am in favor of using software to make my life easier whenever it’s possible. I have already blogged my thoughts on bill presentment software, I have recently started thinking about whether all of the opportunities in consumer financial software have been exhausted. My recent (albeit somewhat dated) experiences with recent versions of Microsoft Money […]