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You’ve Got Contacts — The Future of Contact Management Software

TweetIf you have perused my blog, you probably get the sense that I am the type of person who will try just about any software application if it is easy to use and useful. Well, that is in fact the case. I have been playing with a lot of new tools designed to help end […]

Whatever Happened to the USB Keychain Drive?

Tweet When I first saw and played with a “keychain storage” dongle, I was convinced that this was the next big thing in portable data storage. There was a big article on ZDNet painting a rosy picture for these devices. Based on what I have seen, these devices have not yet set the world on […]

Wasn’t Corporate IM Supposed to be Here by Now?

Tweet Between my recent joy in playing with the MSN Messenger 6.0 Beta and a recent Byte and Swtich article on IM archiving I have one question — wasn’t corporate IM supposed to be here by now? Tweet

Nokia: The Power of the Brand

TweetThe New York Times recently had an interesting article, “Nokia’s Brand Best Feature to Beat Rivals”, about how Nokia’s leadership position in the handset market might be more a function of branding than of feature leadership. Are they on to something here? Tweet

What if Wireless Home Networking Doesn’t Happen?

TweetEvery now and then I try to step back from position as a technophile and dissect an area where I feel particularly passionate. I am certainly hoping that wireless home networking comes to pass in the very near future, but I can construct a case in my head as to 1) why it doesn’t happen […]

The Corporate Blog is Catching On

TweetI was reading an interesting article at the New York Times (The Corporate Blog Is Catching On) about CEOs and corporate executives who blog. I have had a few readers ask me how I determine what is or is not appropriate to write in my blog as a venture capitalist. Here is a quick-and-dirty list […]

NewsGator — A Great Tool for Blog Enthusiasts

TweetA colleague of mine, Mike Mettler, pointed me to a very neat tool called NewsGator. NewsGator allows you to subscribe to any RSS-enabled blog or newsfeed service and have the content delivered directly to you in your Outlook inbox. In addition, NewsGator allows you to publish to popular blog formats including MT, Blogger, and Radio. […]

Why the Success of Apple iTunes Confirms what we Already Knew

TweetMy local paper, the San Jose Mercury News, recently posted an article about the Apple iTunes initiative and its early success at generating interest in paid legal music downloads. I am more surprised by the amount of press given to these initiatives than I am by the success that paid music offerings are having. Tweet

The JetBlue Advantage

TweetNetwork World published a very interesting article on the behind-the-scenes IT magic that drives JetBlue’s infrastructure. Besides some of the nuts-and-bolts decisions that the company made, this article is a lesson on how you can really use IT to change the cost dynamics of a marketplace. Tweet

RFID for All?

TweetI was reading an article earlier today about how retailing giant Wal-Mart plans to mandate that its partner network adopt and deploy RFID tags by 2005. Is the technology ready for prime time? Tweet