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Software Managing Software — The Next Big Opportunity for Software Investors?

TweetI have been having some very lively conversations with friends and co-investors regarding new opportunities for software investors. Overall, it looks pretty bleak. There is a real dearth of exciting packaged application vertical opportunities (there are some out there, but it isn’t my place to disclose those) at the moment and most investors that I […]

The 1 Megapixel Camera Phone

TweetI have heard that this has been in the works for some time, but today the formal announcement was made that there will be 1 megapixel camera phones available in the near future. This is just the beginning for camera phone technology and I think that there are three basic questions that jump to mind […]

The Quiet Digital Camera Revolution

Tweet All of the despair around the state of enterprise-focused information technology has obscured the fact that there are some pockets of strong growth in the broader world of information technology. I recently purchased a Minolta Dimage Xi digital camera and am astounded by the ecosystem that has emerged to support new digital camera customers. […]

Is Wi-Fi Bundling the Answer?

TweetI have read quite a few articles, including one by Bill Gurley, about this theme of revisiting the quiet success of several Internet businesses and business models. Perhaps the secret to helping spur the adoption of consumer Wi-Fi is to go back to the old strategy of “bundling” that AOL and MSN made so popular […]

A Cogent Article on Venture Exits

TweetEvery now and then I read something about the mechanics of the venture capital model and how entrepreneurs need to think about what the folks on the other side of the table are looking for in terms of exits. Tim Oren has written just such a piece and I would encourage anyone with an interest […]

Is Custom Linux the Future?

Tweet I have been reading quite a few articles about how China, among other countries, has been seriously considering (or actually pursuing) development of its own flavor of Linux, largely due to the expense associated with Microsoft server operating systems. While this revolution might not happen overnight, there are some interesting scenarios in which I […]

AOL for Broadband, Anyone?

Tweet I am not sure that I can add anything to the chorus of debate surrounding AOL’s new foray into broadband services — many of the nation’s leading business publications have made this very topic a cover story. I do, however, think that some of the market pundits are missing some of the key points. […]

Is Bluetooth Still Relevant?

Tweet I have been testing out the Jabra FreeSpeak BT 200 Bluetooth headset to see how it works. Generally speaking, I have been pretty happy with the voice quality, the form factor, and (surprisingly) the battery life. A colleague of mine saw me using the headset and made a remark to the fact that he […]

Is Apple Going to Become a Media Company?

Tweet A lot has been written about Apple lately. The new iTunes service is a hit. The iPod has become the killer gadget for MP3 enthusiasts. A lot of people are again touting the rebirth of Apple as a cool company. Apple has always been cool. But all of these product announcements make me question […]

Wi-Fi Billing Done Right

Tweet I was very excited to read that T-Mobile will finally go where no wireless carrier has been willing to go and offer both discounted Wi-Fi for existing customers and the simplicity of unified billing (for the entire article, see T-Mobile bundles Wi-Fi, cellular services | CNET As I mentioned in an earlier post, […]