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Whither Handspring?

TweetHandspring, the maker of my beloved Treo 300, appears to be on the verge of financial ruin in the not-so-distant future. What does this mean for companies in adjacent market spaces? Tweet

Good Article on Products vs. Companies

TweetMy colleagues at Venture Blog had a nice article for those of you thinking about pitching new products and new business models to the venture community. I would suggest that you check out this article. Tweet

Why “the when” Matters for Cutting Edge Technology

TweetAs a venture investor, one of the really difficult questions to get my hands around is this real question of the market and when it will develop. You can read lots of market reports from Gartner, IDC, or Forrester that predict the elusive $[x] billion market for technology 4-6 years in the future. Nobody believes […]

Is the N-Gage a Gameboy Killer?

Tweet I am an avid video game player and am quite intrigued by what I saw from Nokia at the CTIA show in New Orleans. The N-Gage is the first real competitor that I have seen for my beloved Gameboy Advance. I was all set to purchase the Gameboy Advance SP, but the Nokia N-Gage […]

Andreessen assesses browser prospects

TweetIn an otherwise dry interview with Mark Andreessen, the wunderkind of browser fame slips in a not-so-subtle dig about his particular views on converged devices and the mobile browser experience. I happen to agree with what he has to say… Tweet