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Why is Spam So Irritating?

TweetI have been thinking about why people have such a strong, violent reaction to e-mail spam and a much more ho-hum reaction to postal-based direct marketing. I have to admit that I was partially inspired to revive this post-in-progress after reading The State of Consumer Email: Consumers Deserve Better :: AO on Always-On. Tweet

The Isle of Wi-Fi — My Thoughts

Tweet I am not one to sit on the sidelines and wait for new technology to be handed to me, but I must admit that I am still sitting on the sidelines when it comes to signing up for a Wi-Fi subscription service. Should I sign up for T-Mobile HotSpot? Should I sign up for […]

A Blogger on Blogging

Tweet I enjoyed reading the first portion of Tony Perkins’ article “About Google’s Eric Schmidt” on Always On earlier this morning. I have tried to hold off as long as I can about speculating about what the Google acquisition means for blogging in general, but I think that I finally have to let loose and […]

Why Consumers Want to Buy Software as a Service (Part II of II)

TweetNow that I have given my spiel about why consumers (myself included) want to purchase software as a service and will pay good money to do so, I will throw out an example of one product that I would like to see someone build for me. The product that I want someone to build and […]

Why Consumers Want to Buy Software as a Service (Part I of II)

TweetIn the past few weeks I have had a number of conversations with my friends in the venture capital community that have convinced me that consumers really want to purchase software as a service and not a shrink-wrapped CD offering. It turns out that the marketing gurus for ASPs were on to something — they […]

Will There be Another Browser War?

TweetWireless News: The Next Browser War Now that I have seen a handful of articles written about the coming “browser war” that will take place on mobile devices, I feel compelled to comment. I am not convinced that we will ever see another browser war on par with Microsoft vs. Netscape — at best we […]

Enterprise Wireless in Action

TweetUPS all wrapped up in wireless | CNET CNET News has an interesting article about UPS’ new wireless device, which boasts an impressive SIX flavors of wireless connection in a single integrated package with enough battery life to last an entire day in the big brown truck. I have always been impressed by the […]

Why I Want to Ban the Word “Data”

Tweet I am not picking on AT&T Wireless, but I wanted to have a familiar-looking graphic for this article (disclosure: I am an ATTW subscriber). I have heard lots of telecommunications industry analysts remark that it costs $250-300 to acquire a wireless subscriber in the United States. What does this have to do with my […]

Out of Sync

TweetMy desk at work looks a bit ridiculous as it is awash in cradles for the numerous handheld devices that I use, carry, and test. At the moment, I have cradles for the following four devices on my desk: Toshiba e740 RIM Handspring Treo 300 Palm Vx I am running three software programs to keep […]

Why Early Adopters are Dangerous Customers

TweetI am a self-described (or perhaps self-confessed) early adopter of most high technology products. I care passionately about the products that I test and use and often have some pretty strong opinions about what can be done to make those products more useful. For those companies looking to get feedback from early customers, there are […]